Why Education is extremely important?

Education for all means was the most important debate at all levels of society, progress and development. This could build you the question why all look for education training? What makes us to link education and becomes the center of attraction for all aristocrats, legislators, parents and elders? Education is not about your grades or your standard, it’s how good you are aware of events around them and in knowledge. A person who is awake knows what is best for him/her, you know the difference between right and wrong, and that when he/she was known as well-mannered and educated. Let’s talk about the reason why education is so important in nowadays.


The career becomes our identity, it also decides our work context, area of interest and future. This career is only valid if a person educated. Education gives him/her the knowledge of their field, so they can follow the full career of their interest. On the other hand, those who are uneducated are for work orders, understanding, knowledge or development need not be considered. They act as a source for the needs of the educated. Thus, a safe and balanced career we have to work hard to learn new things, gain knowledge, spreads our experience to help the company.


Education is often compared to Wisdom. A person who is trained has wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom is to know the right and the knowledge to discuss it. The wisdom acts as a starting point for the growth of a human being. A mature person will often have more wisdom than as a teenager because he/she has to face the disadvantages of life and come with experience, make them to think wisely, carefully and deliberately. These things can be taught in schools, universities or their parents or from personal experience, but when we have no desire to learn, then that are downfall starts.

Sense of right and wrong

To know if you are right, you might also want to know what is right? When we tell people to go by the terms, will be a great confusion in our understanding leading us to fraud and unwanted situations. If a child is given a toffee, he/she accept without understanding its ingredients, flavour or what could be, to make your health. Although, even if the toffee is given an educated person, he / she can feel the difference, checking their ingredients, taste or smell. This is because the experience can education made them the difference between right and wrong.


For a living, it will be mandatory to be educated as a citizen. Not only that education is considered as barriers or prior qualifications during an interview for cross training, but it also decides your performance in an interview as educated person is aware of its environment and thus can explicitly responds to questions. Furthermore, to apply for a job, the qualifications of a student acting as the eligibility criteria, which is must be before the student is able to complete the request. Education opens doors to winning, earning and living for better life.